The Scenario

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A growing mental health practice was in need of networking and computer support services, which were intimately tied to workflow processes dictated by the firm's billing and management software. In addition, the practice had a "home grown" Web site, provided by an employee's relative.

As all of these naturally affected workflow, a procedural results survey was needed.

Assessments & Outcomes

  • En route to resolving a problematic file server installation, MVC discovered that key requirements of the sophisticated management software were missed by the original installers, and likewise, various resources and settings were not configured on workstations. Working with the software manufacturer, the intricate requirements were resolved, and system functionality was restored.
  • The firm's Web site was in need of renovating. Although earnest in its attempts (it did indeed establish an on-line presence for the company), the site did not cohere with professional site development practices, nor was it integrated with the practice's brand identity or marketing. A new site was designed and launched, with an emphasis on, and clear connection with, the human (and very personal) aspect of the firm's services.
  • For a significant phase-in period, MVC provided on-going technical support for the firm's computer equipment, and handled the installation of new systems (including configuration of the practice's specialized software).
  • After a new software version required significant changes in network and server hardware schema (moving the data platform from a proprietary model to SQL), MVC researched specifications for the replacing server device, and handled the subsequent set up, configuration, and software installation.
  • Strategies were then recommended for much more effective utilization of practice information by both staff and therapists, courtesy of the network and software enhancements. This resulted in better time utilization and improved staff effectiveness.

Outcomes Summary

This technical project provided the client with problem-solving and restorative services when key systems were not functioning properly. The Website design and launch was a significant step in that the new presence was unified not only with the firm's brand identity (already well established in print) but also in form with the business's overall mission. Information was more readily available to staff, reducing confusion and increasing effectiveness.

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