The Scenario

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En route to establishing an enterprising regional cotton handling facility, a multi-million dollar international fiber corporation asked MVC to devise and implement several infrastructural components of the company's operations.

The complex organizational structure required a carefully segmented approach since the client was involved in international investment and product negotiations, ongoing research and exercising several cotton-handling machine patents.

Assessments & Outcomes

  • Analyzed the company's projected organizational structure, and determined that key executive positions (particularly their Special Projects Administrator) were top-heavy, would result in serious bottle-necks in the organization, and would likely later introduce contention in company governance. Workloads and areas of responsibility were redefined to balance the organization.
  • Recommended and documented personnel structures, payroll processes, position descriptions, and organizational charting, and assisted with implementation phase.
  • Established secure communications systems for company offices located regionally and in buying centers and brokerages in the U.S., Asia and Europe.
  • Conducted property valuation and equipment amortization analyses on company acquisitions (purchases of existing facilities and, in one instance, the buyout of a defunct company which had suddenly abandoned its site, leaving behind all equipment, furnishings, and inventory). The rapid fiscal maneuvers created internal confusion. MVC conducted on-site assessments, prepared summary documentation, and ultimately uncovered a valuation error that, if allowed to populate fiscal reports, would have seriously overstated the company's position.
  • Researched and recommended required computer and specialty equipment for the company's central office, with MVC handling the purchasing and installation aspects on behalf of the client.
  • Devised asset summaries and related presentation materials (significant portions of which were placed online, through a secure server).
  • Redesigned the company's dated logo, and incorporated the new design into new brochures, business cards, other print piece materials, and throughout all traditional and electronic presentations.
  • Designed and launched a new Web site for the company, a portion of which was available only through secure log-in processes (confidential/private investor or patent information).

Outcomes Summary

The client's needs in this interesting case, which represented a broad swath of operations, required a very nimble, multimodal approach. Expanding under great organizational pressure, the company requested a variety of analyses, recommendations and services, from corporate oversight structures to technical assistance with public branding and presentation materials. MVC's deliverables were implemented on schedule and allowed company officials and administrators to not only focus their industry-related expertise where most needed, but to implement the expansion fluidly and quickly.

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