The Scenario

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After progressive success, a jewelry artisan's business had insufficient infrastructure. This lead to a series of issues, including serious disorganization, a fragmented marketing strategy, and service delivery problems. There was also a clear collision between the actual premise of the retail showroom versus a separate line of merchandise the owner wanted to pursue.

Lastly, attempts to recruit staff or craftspeople assistants had proven difficult. The business needed serious intervention at nearly all levels.

Assessments & Outcomes

  • En route to resolving sputtering sales against a very enthusiastic and loyal customer base, MVC identified a serious conflict in the business's objectives. While jewelry, much of which was custom and one of a kind, was obviously the primary business, staging and merchandising were polluted by an overabundance of home accents that were not for sale. Candid discussions revealed that the owner wanted to explore a high-end, designer home accents business. Through a series of maneuvers, MVC helped the owner compartmentalize that aspiration from the current jewelry operation on strategic levels.
  • Once the business's goals were solidified, MVC executed a complete redress of the showroom. This included systematically reorganizing the physical space, shelving, flow and merchandisers, but also how each section of jewelry was displayed. This allowed customers to focus on the merchandise, greatly reducing the visual clutter and ultimately improving sales.
  • All support and work areas of the business were also systematically re-organized; this was substantive and involved MVC's professional organizing service, All In Order. Individual areas and rooms which had previously shared cross-purposing were refined, exponentially improving workflow and productivity.
  • The client engaged MVC on an Executive Management Services level, which included a full survey of staff, related policies and procedures, and accountability. MVC identified several serious personnel issues, and ultimately dismissed the staff and hired new employees. MVC devised a systematic training and orientation program, along with a number of helpful written procedures, produced an employee handbook, and many internal work tracking and customer service-related forms.
  • As part of surveying risk from theft loss, MVC instituted enhancements in the alarm system and installation of a much improved camera system. MVC also proactively trained the owner and staff on prevention strategies and, in coordination with local law enforcement, on preparedness in the event of an incident.
  • During a financial survey, MVC identified several serious issues with the business's merchant services provider. MVC negotiated termination of the standing contract and initiated services with a trusted provider who already had connections with the business.
  • Marketing focus and methods were analyzed, and renovated to emphasize the unique and uncommononly gracious service delivery and elegant but understated tone of the business. A cohesive brand strategy was then implemented across all channels, spanning traditional print (utilizing MVC's own graphics designers), mass media advertising, the store's website and social media.
  • As part of the new marketing portfolio, MVC devised a new website, which featured eCommerce for select items. MVC also set up and handled all social media for the company, including specialized photography for the jewelry items.

Outcomes Summary

This broad project ultimately resulted in an entirely reshaped business. From restructuring how the business operated to the showroom's physical composure to internal policies and procedures, almost all areas of the business were updated and enhanced. Stakeholder welfare consulting included not only tangible maneuvers and strategies in the business, but less tangible elements, such as coaching for enhanced health and stress management. The infusion of process improvements and internal organizing greatly alleviated work pressures, and the refined marketing, merchandising and staff support helped spur sales.

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