The Scenario

Student walking on a college campus.

After substantive changes in management and related restructuring of a large world languages and literatures department, MVC was commissioned to provide advisories regarding past operational practices, current transitional changes, and relevant anticipated initiatives. In addition, the project included highly detailed assessments and advisories for a specialized support center; Executive Management Services; and the on-site implementation of recommended action plans.

Assessments & Outcomes

  • Provided detailed overviews for the new administrator (Interim Chairperson) regarding the operations management segment of the prior departmental administration. Due to managerial changes, many practices had shifted, or documentation trails were vastly different. MVC provided insight into the past operations, allowing management to understand what procedures and protocols should be preserved, reinstated (if previously discontinued), or recrafted or phased out due to relevant departmental or institutional changes.
  • Provided personnel structure documents, position descriptions, organizational charting, as well as descriptions of prior payroll processes and departmental budgeting protocols. This allowed the administration to quickly re-engage usage of some key documents/processes as well as locate and access various pools of information.
  • Assessed the current operations of the departments primary support center. MVC recommended and implemented a number of changes and updates to revamp significant portions of the facility's operation. This introduced much more effective application of staff effort and improvements in the quality of overall services.
  • MVC also assessed the facility's staffing to determine potential underutlization and customer service issues (potential problems expressed by the client). This included skills assessments and subsequent training sessions to hone and make consistent the execution of responsibilities, especially customer service. Position descriptions, with success factors clearly explained for employees, were deployed, and specific positions were restructured to serve specialized needs, utilizing apt human talent already employed in the facility. This introduced a much more balanced organizational structure and distribution of effort.
  • Inspected all physical facilities under the purview of the support center, and recommended and subsequently enacted action plans for continued reorganization, cleaning and proper maintenance of neglected areas and equipment, and instituted persistent protocols to assure detailed ongoing maintenance and upkeep. This included resurrection of previous protocols which allowed clear distribution of effort and employee buy-in via accountability and authority.
  • Working in close concert with the overarching college and the IT division of the institution, MVC's considerable experience in professional website design was utilized to revise the center's website. This fostered: 1), much more robust marketing of the facility's services, in two important segments: for professional and academic staff, and for students of the institution, each with a tailored feel; and 2), more close alignment of the facility's online presence with its renewed vision and mission.

Outcomes Summary

MVC's unique experience in this arena allowed the client's needs to be identified and addressed quickly, with solid, proven strategies. Portions of the inevitable confusion and loss of historical data resulting from changes in key management were allayed, allowing the new administrator much greater insight and informed decision making.

The specialized support center was placed on a "fast-track" to reinvigorating services and re-establishing a reputation for sterling service to the institution. MVC implemented the needed foundations for the following initiatives: budgeting; pursuit of highly relevant pedagogical support strategies; maintaining an appropriate focus on operations management (including staff development); pursuit of continuing excellence in customer service; proper support for technology; and a vision which embraces broad institutional support and donor opportunities.

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