Two people meeting in a business during the COVID-19 pandemic, taking proper mask and social distancing precautions.

Carefulness Foremost

The COVID-19 pandemic has created countless questions in all our minds. Some questions appear to have clear answers, and, frustratingly, others may not. We understand the urgent paradox the situation poses for businesses and other organizations. On the one hand, there are official guidelines and regulations to observe for the benefit of all. On the other, businesses have urgent need to continue some modicum of operation, to continue working and serving customers as best possible.

MVC is proactive in taking appropriate masking and social distancing precautions when in-person meetings are necessary. We also encourage the pursuit of phone conferences and video meetings as a first-choice solution. We'd like to reassure all of our clients that their well-being is our top priority, in all its forms.

Please contact us at any time to discuss your concerns or if we can offer any assistance.