MVC currently has the following position(s) or collaborative B2B opportunities:

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Online application for this position/service opportunity will open soon. Veterans, individuals from underrepresented groups, and post-career individuals interested in part-time work are encouraged to express interest.

eCommerce Specialist / Entry-Level Consultant I

Availability & Scale

Position intake is on-going. Whether filled as an employee position, independent contractor or B2B service agreement, it will initially be part-time and/or on-call.


The term "position" is meant broadly, and can be interchangeable with "provided service."

This position assists in assessing the practical and procedural needs of various MVC clients regarding online commerce, spanning one-owner to mid-size businesses. Performs practical analyses of a given client's operation en route to transitioning to or starting an eCommerce operation.

This can entail a large array of preparatory and applied operations elements, spanning: understanding the client's wholesale relationships; product ordering, receiving and inventory; product research; item entry into the concerned system; and related end-to-end responsibilities. The position is also commonly responsible for assisting in the establishment of the eCommerce system itself. In addition, recommending, documenting and utilizing assignments for product type, collection, location assignments, and pricing are usually involved in a given project.

MVC is an official Shopify affiliate, and that is our preferred platform for most online selling scenarios. MVC also has a robust development history in Drupal (Drupal Commerce), alongside WordPress and its WooCommerce system. (MVC also has experience in lesser known ecommerce systems, and there is always the potential we will be tasked with assuming technical responsibility for such a system rather than developing something new.) The eCommerce Specialist/Consultant I will assist in determining the best overall system given a client's unique situation and online selling targets.

Work Site

The work will often be performed at the client's location, combined with remote work via access to system resources. Occasional day travel may be required, along with sparse attendance at farther locations, including product shows and tradeshows.

Preferred Abilities & Qualifications

Aptitude & Drive. The most apt candidate(s) will be those who identify with our values, and who are willing to challenge themselves professionally (and by extension, personally). The end results of the work performed by this position are best achieved by a work ethic described as: driven; self-actuating; desire to work as effectively as possible with a strong eye towards efficiency; a "can-do" attitude that strongly demonstrates a proactive, problem-solving approach. Our team members can be described as open to constructive criticism, with a strong desire to implement and sustain feedback by mentors and company leaders. In addition, an ingrained curiosity regarding exploring new innovations, actively seeking out new information regarding our areas of service, and the evolving horizons in business, are all key characteristics (among others).

Capabilities. Strong business, computer and customer service skills are required. Strong aptitude for working with digital assets, and cross-implementation of core business practices across a number of industries and disciplines is highly desirable. Should be comfortable in using a variety of digital productivity programs, particularly Adobe Creative Cloud suite—Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and InDesign, at a minimum. Must have strong command of written and spoken English, with the ability to create effective, succinct marketing language for products and services. Should have the ability or aptitude to devise easy-to-understand usage guides and procedures intended for use by others.

Should possess skills in critical thinking, research methods and objective informational analysis. Must be comfortable working as part of a productive, interactive and dynamic team, and semi-independently (B2B services or Independent Contractors will work largely independently).

Experience. At least seven years progressively responsible experience in a professional industrial, academic or business setting. In addition, at least two or more of these years should be experience in a general sales or retail environment. Business college or vocational training may be substituted for some experience. 

Education. At a minimum, proficiency in clerical and mathematical processes as may be reflected by the completion of at least one year of college or a comparable business-oriented vocational program, or highly relevant career experience equal to four years. One to two years of highly relevant college or business school course work and/or the equivalent in related work experience is preferred. Technical writing coursework (whether academic, vocational or through demonstrable self study) is preferred.

Must have dependable access to the Internet, and have basic home or office computing equipment through which to complete any remote duties.

Pay / Salary / Benefits

MVC Pay Grade IV:  Minimum $14.00 to $22.17 hourly. Specific projects may bear different rates of compensation and some may have productivity bonuses. The position does not bear benefits of any kind.

Other / Details

MVC provides an exciting and ever-changing array of work situations. We offer a commitment to our team members and collaborators to provide an environment of respect, professional grooming and furthering of individual skills through mentoring. This includes the opportunity to gain an ever-expanding skillset through learning new applied strategies (and working alongside accomplished professionals), learning new digital management programs, and similar on-the-job potentials.

Further details regarding our overall work ethos and mindset can be found on our Statement of Global Diversity page.

There is always opportunity for advancement for successful candidates or service providers, ranging from graduation into a permanent full-time position (for employees) and/or increased compensation (employees, independent contractors and B2B service providers).

There is ample room to discuss a B2B (business-to-business) operational services agreement, or an independent contractor arrangement. MVC reserves the right to change the method (employee or contractor), to fill, not fill, and/or retract the availability of the work at any time. There is no guarantee that the posting will be filled through any means.